When designing a space, we should first of all pay attention to the beauty, aesthetics, individualism, and functionality of the area. Garden space, as well as residential interiors, should form a harmonious area, and interact with other elements of the environment. That's what our projects are: innovative, surprising, full of creative individualism and artistic finesse. We create modern functional and unique places where people feel goodand like to stay there for hours soaking up sun.



Design Process


First step is the site visit. Initial idea of needs, layout, paving stones, styles etc. gets discussed with the client. Next step is taking all the necessary measurements, transferedlater in to the software version of the garden. We aim to design the garden up to scale so you are able to order all necessary extras like tables, sofas etc. before your garden is ready.

Once the design is ready we visit the client again. All kinds of help tools are being bring altogether like examples of stone, aggregate, turf, stain etc. This enables the client to fizicaly examine the materials, its quality and overall liknes of the product. It's make easier to decide about right match for your taste.

Virtual 3D presentation give you oportunity to see the garden before disturbing a single grain. Make all necessary changes takes place at this stage on the "go" acording to your instructions.

Last step is proposing the final quotation and pickig the date of turning Your garden upside down... like this

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