Fencing and Gates

Gate Types

Fencing and Gates

... We supply and fit many types of fence, as well adjusting them to your spec. Oure service cover:


  • Picket/Palisade Fence
  • Post and Rail
  • Close Boards
  • Larch Panels



Fence - made out of quality pressure treated wood, posts dug down over 2ft secured by 1,5 bag of postcrete (recommended is one but we do a bit extra to make sure it will stand against strongest winds), rails and boards are secured mechanical by nailgun using outdor, rust free galvanized and ribbed nails to ensure positive fix for many years to come. All is finished with the top cap to protect the end grain against water penetration


... We do make bespoke gates to fit existing space and suplying it with all the hardware and extras as required.

... We offer as well repair and painting services.

  • Chain Link
  • Wire Fence
  • Farm Fence
  • Repair Work


"Fancy" Bespoke Gate

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