... Wether You require a simple flat deck for Your garden, or a more complex, multilevel decking area to fit all of Your fancy garden furniture, our wonder-working fixers will create the place that You will love to the inch.

... Add few plant beds, light up your deck with spoot lights or may be do some stunning decorative edging that will make Your deck stand out from the others you have seen. We offer as well repair and painting services.We will take time to help plan and design decking that will suit both, Your garden and wallet.

Product Description


- Fraame is made out of regularised pressure treated wood that ensure strong resistance to any kind of moss, mould and moisture. Frame is secured on posts and stitched together by both screws and galvanised nails to ensure the will be no loose bits even after many many years. Ground bellow the frame is being protected with weed control underlay to prevent any weeds penetrating the gaps between the boards.

- Deck surface is made of swedish reedwood. It's pressure treated to protect the wood against all weather factors and bacteria. All boards are secured, using rust free decking screews and 4 mm gap is maintained between each board to keep the air circulation and eliminate excess of moist.


Deck Finish Options


Board Patterns:




Deck Edge Finish Options:



Standard Edge Finish

Premium Edge Finish

Deck Lights

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